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making sense of digital marketing

I work with business owners and managers who want to grow their business, by coaching them through the ins and outs of marketing in a digital world, or doing the work for them.

Almost every owner or manager of a small to medium business knows that marketing and design plays a part in maximising their sales – it’s often the first part of a business that potential customers see.

The challenge for many of these people is that they either don’t have the understanding how it works, or the capacity to take it on (or more often than not, both).

That’s where I step in.

I work with owners and managers to understand the why, what and how of outstanding design, engaging social media, e-commerce that converts and email marketing that gets noticed.

That comes in the form of coaching, or for a limited number of businesses, outsourced design and marketing consulting.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this is a brand new site, so there’s more to come…

I’d love to help

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Design and digital marketing coaching and implementation for small to medium business owners.

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